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~~~RED ALERT~~~[See:: CDC quote - 76% rise in girl's suicide rate] (654 hits)

By Captain Church - Dec 18th, 2008 at 4:41 pm EST
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"The most dangerous thing in the world is a young, unemployed man"!~Taxi driver in Nairobi, Kenya~[during 2007-2008]
{Is America listening?!?
This is for ALL you know......please help me spread
this to save lives......this is NOT "religion", this
is Reality, objective reality!
------->"Suicidal thoughts, up since Katrina, PTSD
survey says........"
------->>WASHINGTON (AP)----"Using anti-depressants
Increases the risk of Suicidal thoughts and behavior
among young people"----
------->>>"Suicide rate among girls skyrockets 76%,
says Centers for
Disease Control & Prevention"<<<-------
Please help me save young [ & old] lives, now
Help spread these volunteer sites [NO $$$ asked]
planet-wide and express real
empathy!~~~Impulsive Depression/Suicide is Endable!
~~~~~SUICIDE VACCINE~~~~~[It works, which is the only
point, Eh?!]
*Wisdom for Teens*
[~~~All groups:::5 permanent monographs & no chat~~~
like, "Who are YOU?!?" , "The useless War of the
s*xes" and "LOVE is
the Real Thing".] [My
first web
Jim Sorrell [CaptainChurch]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Be a Good
"Love your neighbour as yourself."--->>>means, see to
it that your
neighbour has it just as good as you do,
"Who is my neighbour?"....EveryOne on the planet!
All humans born are @ least 33rd or 34th cousins [from
Noah's 3 sons: we are All related family!]
James Sorrell [CaptainChurch]
Santa Cruz, CA
Posted By:
Friday, February 13th 2009 at 3:39PM
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